Heatingcenter (HC)
Heatingcenter (HC)
Heatingcenter (HC)

Heating cabinet HC 120

Natural convection heating cabinet. Maximum temperature +80 C. Especially designed for application in hospitals, retirement homes, spas and fitness centres. A multitalent to warm up towels, sheets and baby bottles. 2 shelves.

SalvisLab Heatingcenter HC 120

The Heatingcenter HC120 is a heating cabinet especially designed for hospitals, retirement homes, Spas and fitness centres to warm up towels, bed sheets and bottles etc. with a temperature range of up to +80C

Compact and versatile

The HC 120 is a multi talent, when it comes to warming up goods.

Swiss quality and design

SalvisLab Heatingcenter is setting standards in quality as well as in design. The units are manufactured in renowned Swiss quality according to ISO 9001 standards and excel through easy handling and dependability.

Tight and economical

Special insulation technology applied with the HC120 keeps heat where it belongs, namely on the inside. Low energy consumption is guaranteed.

Safety through cleanliness

SalvisLab Heatingcenter are easy to clean.

Continuous operation

The unit is constructed for non-stop operation. The integrated thermostat combined with the insulation assures that the heating cycle is as short as possible and runs just when the temperature drops under the required temperature.

Durable inner chamber

The Heatingcenter as well as the shelves are made of high quality stainless steel.

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