Vacuum drying oven VC 20, VC 50

Precision vacuum drying oven
Maximum temperature +200C
Microprocessor PID controller Fuzzy-Logic LCD display Keypad Timer up to 0-999h59m Real-Time Clock Programming: 50 Programs with 15 steps (Temperature, Gradient, Time)
RS 232 Interface 1 shelf

SalvisLab Vacucenter VC 20, VC 50

The SalvisLab Vacucenter represents the optimal solution for oxidation sensitive substances and thermally instable products. It provides precise thermal conditions in dust-free vacuum atmosphere. These characteristics enable highly successful vacuum drying applications for a wide range of laboratory applications in areas such as chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, cosmetics and electronics industry. The carefully designed wall heating system can be controlled within 0.1C and ensures stable temperature conditions over the entire shelf area ranging up to + 200C.

GLP/GMP conformity

SalvisLab Vacucenter meets GLP and GMP standards.

Safety on all levels

The Vacucenter feature an exclusive pressure safety system. The viewing window consists of double pane safety glass. SalvisLab Vacucenter is classified in Safety Class 3.1.

High Quality Design

The chamber interior is made of high quality stainless steel. The insert shelves are manufactured from anodised aluminium, thus enabling efficient heat transfer and best chemical resistance.

Turbulence-free return to ambient atmosphere

Return to atmospheric pressure is enabled by means of a precision needle valve for ambient air or inert gas. A cleverly designed input jet behind a fender plate permits pressurisation of the chamber without causing turbulence.

All is under control with the SalvisLab EasyMenu

The EasyMenu developed by SalvisLab enables intuitive programming of the SalvisLab Vacucenter. In just a few easy steps, temperature, gradient and hold time (optionally set vacuum and hysteresis of vacuum) can be determined. The PID controller featuring fuzzy logic characteristics controls temperature, timing and optionally the evacuation level. 50 programs consisting of 15 program steps each are at your disposal for program duration of up to 999 hours 59 minutes.
The LCD display keeps you informed with all the desirable data over the entire process cycle.


  1. Digital vacuum display
    The pressure in the interior chamber is measured with an installed pressure sensor and is displayed by a digital display.
  2. Vacuum control through solenoid valve
    digital vacuum control through solenoid valve
  3. Vacuum control through vacuum pump
    digital vacuum control through solenoid valve and vacuum pump.

Easy cleaning

Inside the chamber, all transitional areas between walls, ceiling and chamber floor are designed with convenient radii to enable easy and efficient cleaning.

Temperature and pressure performance

The door seal is made of Silicon, easy to clean and provides absolute tightness. It prevents heat and pressure loss as it also keeps vapours and gases from escaping.

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