Colour Reflection Densitometer
Colour Reflection Densitometer
Colour Reflection Densitometer
With the latest in technology this compact lightweight instrument offers innovative quality control solutions to any printing process. The instruments digital processing power combined with its 14-bit converter provides exceptional accuracy and repeatable measurements. Incorporating an illumination system consisting of 9 LEDs, each covering a band of colour, it entirely eliminates inconsistencies caused by filters and lamp ageing and meets ISO CD14981 requirements.

  • Easy to calibrate on certified reference table
  • Narrow band spectral response
  • Versatile: zeroing on white paper, auto colour, density and density, grey balance, % dot/area, automatic function, possibility to display density with 3 decimals.
  • Low energy consumption achieved by a micro-controller:>20,000 measurements/charge
  • Standard package: Instrument, calibration table, RS232 serial interface, AC adapter/charger, operation manual, carrying case.
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