Gibitre Instruments
Device made of Stainless-Steel in compliance with PV 3307 standard.The device permits to perform the deformability test on 6 rubber and plastic samples with 15 mm diameter and 2 mm thickness.
Instrument for flame resistance test according to UL 94 standard fitted with: - Stainless steel cabinet with tempered glass viewing window and interior Light. - Bunsen Burner according to ASTM D 5025 standard. - Flow meter for gas flow regulation.   ...
Thermal regulated Block for the performance of aging tests in air and in liquids of elastomeric materials at temperatures up to 250C conforming to ISO 188, 1817 ASTM D 471 and 865 Standards.
Instrument for the determination of the abrasion resistance of the outer cover of Rubber Hoses according to ISO EN 6945 and SAE J2006
The complete design of Gibitre press has been specifically developed to get the best possible results: Mechanical structure with 4 columns (60 mm diameter) and sliding plate driven by self-lubricating bushing Hydraulic system with 20 tons closure force ...
The machine permits to produce samples with customer defined thickness starting from finished products. The part to be cut is inserted between the motor-driven feed steel rollers and a blade, which position can be regulated with 0, 01 mm accuracy, splits ...
Tests at low temperatures permit to evaluate the crystallization effects and to compare viscoelastic properties of rubber and rubber-like materials at low temperatures. Temperature Retraction and Brittleness Point tests are useful for the selection of ...
The Micro-IRHD tester is designed to carry out tests even on very small finished pieces. Centring devices are useful for positioning the test-piece under the indentor.
Solid machine for preparing samples provided with rotating cutter holding system. One or more (up to 4) cutter holders can be installed. The cutter to be used can be quickly selected by rotating the cutter holding system. Each cutting unit has indipendent ...
Portable instrument for the measurement of shore Hardness consisting of Shore testing unit (Shore A, D, A0, 00) and battery powered digital console.
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